Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My wonderfully cruel Mistress (Part 2)

I wrote in the first installment about how Mistress Laura used her scheduled discipline session to make her point about cleaning the toilet bowl properly. The next day, Saturday, after doing my usual chores, I was ready to tackle that unfinished business.

Following her instructions, I got myself dressed up in a frilly black top with spaghetti straps, the matching panties, high heeled shoes, and Mistress Laura's leather collar and went to check in with her before beginning the task of cleaning the toilet bowl. She was sitting on the couch, reading. She looked up at the approaching clickety-clack of my high heels and smiled.

"Those heels are even better than a cow bell," she snickered, putting her book down to take a closer look. "Look at you, you are so cute... And with that cock so nice and hard like that... Turn around." I turned in a full circle for her.

She made me spread my legs wider and bend down, with my ass covered by the soft black panties, pointed towards her. She then slowly slid the panties down so they hung midway down my around my thighs. I moaned, and she softly touched my ass and said "Good girl..."

"You make a very nice picture," she stroked the backs of my thighs and pulled the panties back up. Every touch went straight to my penis, increasing my arousal. She then took a couple of hair ties and put my long hair into two pigtails.

"Now, slaveboy, get me my purse." I straightened up and went as quickly as I could and retrieved her purse.

She opened it and took out four wooden clothespins. I had no idea that she kept them there. I think she likes the idea of being able to inflict pain on me wherever we are, by pulling me into a quiet corner, even in the middle of a restaurant.

"Pull up your top, my boy," she said and I knew what was next, of course. She pinched one nipple and placed the clothespin on it, then the other, and she had me pull the top back down over both clothespins. My nipples were hurting a lot at this point, and I was breathing slowly and deliberately.

"Now, pull down your panties, you lazy bitch," She smiled at me sweetly as I pulled down the panties, releasing my hard cock; the head of it was drizzling precum. She grabbed my balls and pulled down the scrotum on each testicle, attaching one clothespin to each. Again, the pain was intense but not as bad as my throbbing nipples. "Now pull them back up."

"Here's what you're going to do now, my little bitch," She said as she settled back down on the couch to read her book again. "You're going to get your cleaning supplies and clean that toilet bowl completely spotless. When you are done, you will get me so I can inspect your work. If it's not done to my satisfaction, you will do it again. Only after it is complete, will I remove the clothespins. Do you understand?"

My scrotum was hurting, and the pain seemed to intensify as I moved and the fabric of the lingerie items brushed against the clothespins. I nodded and said "Yes Mistress."

She dismissed me with a wave of her hand and went back to reading.

I got busy. Ignoring the pain was hard at times. I took the bucket of brushes, the toilet bowl cleaner, and the yellow rubber gloves. Walking slowly so as to not jar the clothespins too much, I made it back to the bathroom of the "Mistress suite".

Kneeling before the toilet bowl, with my yellow gloves and brushes, I got to work. The whole time, my nipples and ball sac throbbed with pain while my hard cock oozed precum. I kept my mind focused on the task. The task took about twenty minutes to complete. While I was cleaning, I kept telling myself that the pain will end soon.

When I finished, with me still kneeling, Mistress Laura inspected my work.

"Good. Much better, slaveboy. Now, put away your cleaning supplies and come onto the bed so I can take off those nasty clothespins."

I hurried off and came back, still in high heels. She had me take off the high heels and get on the bed on my back (mercifully!), with my arms above my head. Then she started toying with me again.

"Okay, my boy..." She pulled up the top, revealing my mangled nipples and flicked the clothespins, causing me to wince. "What have you learned?"

"I should make sure the toilet bowl is clean every time, Mistress," I managed to get out between gasps and moans of pain.

"Good boy." She kissed me on the lips then and told me "This is going to hurt. I want you to play with yourself, but do not come without my permission."

I stroked myself, the clothespins on my balls bouncing around, producing an odd juxtaposition of sharp pain mixed with waves of pleasure. Then, without much warning, Mistress Laura removed one of the clothespins from my balls. "Ouch!!!" I cried out.

"Did that hurt? That makes Mommy horny," Mistress brushed my lips with hers and told me to keep stroking, but make sure not to come.

She repeated the process with the second clothespin attached to my balls. She then grabbed both balls and squeezed, increasing the pain... "You're going to remember to do a good job with the cleaning, aren't you?" She smiled and kissed me on the lips again. I almost went over the edge, with her kiss and her obvious enjoyment of torturing me, impelling me towards the brink of a fantastic orgasm, but I managed to hold on.

She removed the first clothespin from my nipple while looking into my eyes.

Before removing the last clothespin, she paused, "Can you come while experiencing the pain?"

I was sure I could, so I nodded.

"When I remove this last one, you have permission to come. I want you to come as soon as I hurt you..." and with that, she squeezed the clothespin for a few seconds, before releasing my reddened and mashed nipple.

Pain emanated in throbbing waves from the area. My head swam and my pleasure peaked at once. I felt myself coming and I vaguely recall Mistress Laura saying things like "Good boy... That's good... I know that really hurt." I came all over my chest and belly.

Mistress Laura then kissed me on the lips slowly and got up, throwing a towel at me.

"Clean yourself up. If I do this again, I probably won't have you come. Count yourself lucky." Her eyes smiled at me even as her tone was all business.

"Yes, Mistress. Thank you." I lay there for a minute, enjoying the sensations. I felt wonderfully owned and well used... Using the towel, I wiped myself clean and slid off the bed, kneeling at my wonderfully cruel Mistress's feet.

Our eyes met for a second, she looking down at me, and I slowly kissed one foot and then the other.

"I love you, Mistress," I said.

"I love you too, my boy," was her reply, with her hand on my head, petting me slowly.


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It never gets better - whatever preceeds it - than being petted and praised or having her say something affectionate.


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