Sunday, October 31, 2010

Two months later... and Happy Halloween!

It's been two months and I have been kept continually horny. It's all my own fault, too.

Her routine for me has evolved over the last two months, and her rules have been more strictly enforced.

Some background so that this makes a bit more sense: She has told me that she has been really enjoying being in control in our marriage and will be continuing to play and exert more control on me. To that end, she will, on average, let me come once a week, but only if I am very very obedient. She has a calendar in her office, with a little girlie fairy sticker that she puts on the day that she might let me have a release; the image makes her smile, especially since she often likes to have me in ponytails and flimsy dresses.

Anyway, back to her new strictly enforced rules...

First rule: every time I mention or hint at wanting sex, she just tells me that “That is entirely up to me. I know you always want it, and now it will be at least a week longer before I let you come.” and the little sticker gets moved on the calendar. I can tell her I am horny, when she asks a direct question about it, but otherwise, my focus is to be on her pleasure. This rule came out of a bit of whining that I did at the end of that last weekend I wrote about in August. She was annoyed at first and instituted this rule so that I might truly know who is in control.

Second rule: Every day, when I get home in the late afternoon, I must immediately strip off my clothes and find Mistress Laura, kiss her feet and wait for her to tell me what we are doing that evening. When I delay in doing that, she adds a few days to my next orgasm date. This has been the source of a few deferrals.

Third rule: When I am home, unless I am working on something that is not interruptible (which if I am, I must inform her before hand), I must immediately drop whatever it is I am doing and do what she asks with a good attitude. On an average night, this might be something simple like “Get me a soda, slaveboy,” or something like “Come here and rub my feet.” As with the previous standing order, if I delay in responding, the sticker gets moved out a day or two on the calendar.

I have learned to be more and more meticulous with following Mistress's orders, and yet, I was screwing up a few times a week. After a few weeks of having my orgasm-date moved, I was getting more and more and more frustrated, and downright cranky.

One night a few weeks ago, I was especially frustrated. She had used my mouth to have an orgasm, then had me kneel in the bathroom and watch her as she showered and used the shower-head to give herself another orgasm, then had sent me away to cook and clean.

At some point later on in the evening, Mistress ordered: “Get me some water in a glass, slaveboy,” and I responded with a sigh and “Ok.” as I slumped off to get her the glass of water. She waited about fifteen minutes and repeated the order, “Thomas, my boy, get me some more water.” and I got up and got the water. I saw her looking at me when I came back this time, her eye trained on my limp cock for a second. She told me to kneel, which I did, but my heart and head were not really in it.

She drank the water slowly, studying me as I knelt in front of her, my cock limp, deliberately not feeling anything.

“Touch yourself.” her command was a jolt to my system and I started slowly touching my cock, making it hard.

“Now stop.” and she leaned down and lightly brushed the tip of her finger on the nape of my neck. I moaned. Her touch felt so good. Amazingly, it felt better to have her finger trail my skin than rubbing my own cock.

“Feels good, doesn't it?” she then leaned further down and cupped my balls for a second and ran her fingernails along my shaft, all the way to the tip, causing me to gasp in pleasure. She stopped suddenly again, leaving me breathless for a second.

“Kiss my feet, then sit back and listen,” Mistress Laura commanded and I obeyed.

“I know you are frustrated. I also know that there's nothing really stopping you from masturbating,” she smiled. “But, you know and I know that it feels much much better when you are doing it for me, doesn't it, slaveboy?”

There was no denying it. “Yes, Ma'am.” my face felt flushed.

“So, if you want my nice touches from time to time, and I know you do...” she paused and I nodded my head. “You are going to have to obey me with a good attitude.”

“Yes Ma'am.”

“You should also know that if you were to disobey me and come without my permission at some point, I would definitely know. You don't want to test that.” I didn't doubt it. I would give myself away somehow if I were to try to give myself some relief.

She then started walking towards the bathroom and had me follow her.

“Get in the tub and put your mouth on my pussy.” Mistress Laura slipped off her skirt and panties, put one leg over onto the other side of the tub and braced her hands on the wall as I knelt in the tub, my lips against her pussy, smelling her, my cock throbbing hard.

Then I felt the warm liquid wash over my lips and fill my nose. Her piss flowed all the way down my chest and onto my hard cock. It was gross and intoxicating at the same time. I felt shamed, humiliated and so turned on by her.

“Lick me clean, slaveboy.” I did as she told me, before she turned on the shower and washed herself quickly, and patted herself dry. She then left me in the bathroom to shower and go on with the rest of my work that evening.

So, that is how it has been. I have been very very good the last week or so, obeying all of Mistress's commands, remembering to strip and come find her quickly every day, and having my mouth and tongue used at least every other day (sometimes after a hard spanking, because it makes her wet to torture me).

The sticker is on today, Sunday, October 31st.

Mistress is taking me to a kinky Halloween party tonight, cross-dressing me in a slutty red dress and high heels, wearing a collar, with her holding the attached leash. I'm not sure if I'm going to be allowed a release at any point, but I do know that it is entirely up to Mistress.

I am very very horny and very much looking forward to any fun we might have.

Happy Halloween, everyone.