Wednesday, September 05, 2007

How to intensify a slaveboy's foot fetish.

It's been a couple of months since I have posted. This summer was a very busy time for Mistress Laura and I and between the home improvements, my job, her job, normal social and family obligations, keeping the house clean and doing the cooking, I have not had much time to post.

I realized about a week ago that it's been a few months since Mistress Laura has allowed me to put my cock inside her.

At the same time, she has had me pleasure her to orgasms a few times a week and I have gotten used to not being allowed to come. She says it keeps me focused and hungry to please her and that I get more “naughty” soon after she lets me come. I argue with her a little about this, saying that I can be a perfectly good boy even if she lets me come a few times a week, she just smiles. In the end it doesn't matter, since she owns my cock and it's up to her when or if I come.

In fact, the last time she let me orgasm was about a month ago. The evening started normally enough. Wearing only a red frilly apron, her leather collar and high heel shoes, I had a hot chicken and rice meal on the table set for one and I was kneeling in the kitchen, waiting for her. She smiled and bent down to kiss me, and said “good girl,” before sitting down to enjoy her meal.

She told me to take off the apron and sit comfortably. I remember the kitchen floor was cold against my naked ass. Every once in a while, she fed me a morsel on her fork. When she was done, she put her plate of leftovers on the floor and told me to “finish it without using your hands.”

It's hard to describe what acts like this do to my mindset... I used my mouth and my tongue to clean the plate and I got a bit of rice stuck to my face, which she wiped away with a wet washcloth, then we retired to the living room.

In the living room, she had me set up the TV and give her the remote, then lay on my back at her feet while she watched television. She was sitting in her comfortable overstuffed chair (like a Lazy-Boy reclining chair). She positioned me so that my face was about where her foot would be and told me that my job was to massage her feet and to kiss and lick them. I proceeded to do so.

Touching my Mistress's pretty feet and ankles gets me very hot and bothered and the rising member between my legs attested to this fact. Every once in a while, I heard Mistress chuckle and say, “What a good boy, serving me turns you on.”

After a long time (probably about 30 minutes -- judging by the fact that the sitcom she was watching ended and another show began), she told me, “Since you've been such a good boy tonight, I'm going to let you come by rubbing yourself against my feet. When you make a mess, you'll have to lick my feet clean again. Understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

She had me position myself with my ass close to her feet and told me to put my feet up so that they were somewhat supported on the arms of the chair; mostly it meant that the back of my calves were leaning against the chair handle in a way that somewhat supported the weight of my legs which were sticking up in the air.

So, from her vantage point, she could look down on my naked body, look into my face, and press her foot down into my shaved cock and balls.

Then, she started to slide her foot up and down the shaft of her engorged toy while looking at my eyes. The tip of my cock was pretty slippery with precum, so soon enough the bottom of her foot was slick and it felt pretty good sliding up and down.

“Such a good little boy,” Mistress Laura cooed while pressing hard into me and sliding her foot up my shaft. “You're going to have to beg to come, my boy.”

Hardly two minutes had passed. “Oh please, Mistress... Please... May I come?”

“You're going to have to lick off your own spooge, you know... Yes, you may!”

I shuddered a long shudder and most of the cum shot up to my belly and Mistress Laura deliberately pushed her foot into the puddle of cum, covering the bottom of her foot with my “spooge” as she called it.

For any submissive men that have not had the experience, the idea of licking your own cum is hot, but in reality, it's just disgusting.

Nevertheless, Mistress held her foot out in front of her and said “Clean me up, bitch.” and I repositioned myself so I was on all fours and licking the bottom of her foot, suppressing my gag reflex while she just chuckled.

Since that time, my usually strong level of arousal at touching Mistress Laura's feet has been even higher. From a psychological point of view, I understand this: She's training me like any pavlovian subject, like a dog, linking pleasure with behaviors that she wants.

That fact, that she is training me to be her toy and to please her and even engineering my reactions and intensifying my fetishes really turns me on.