Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mistress "outed" us to a friend

Since the beginning, Mistress Laura has had some fairly strict privacy boundaries around our relationship, especially as it relates to some of her oldest friends. That all changed a couple of weekends ago.

The upcoming Monday, February 18th, was President's Day, a holiday from my work, so I was going to get to spend almost four straight days at home, starting with Friday night.

Friday night, Mistress told me to get naked and to kneel at her feet while she watched television. I happily did this, at times rubbing her feet and in the process becoming more and more aroused. There's nothing like being made to be naked and vulnerable in front of my fully clothed Mistress to put me in my proper place. In this particular instance, this feeling was enhanced greatly when Mistress told me “Looks like my cock and balls are a bit hairy. I don't like that. Go shave them smooth like a little boy's and come back.”

I did as I was told, shaving off the hairs from my cock and balls and applying nair to get the hair off around my ass and under my balls. About twenty minutes later, I was kneeling at my Mistress's feet again.

“You've been a bit sloppy lately. You used to shave yourself smooth for me every day. Now I think you've let it go to once every few days at times. We're going to stop the sloppiness this weekend.”

“Yes Mistress,” this seemed to me to be the only appropriate response, which I gave. Meanwhile, her shaved and baby-smooth cock was standing at full attention, letting her know how much I love it when she starts laying down the law and being more strict with me.

“Do you have any work that you need to do this weekend? Anything you were planning?”

I thought for a minute and replied that I did not.

“Good. From this point on, you will not check Email without my permission. You will not go outside of the house without my permission. You will not go to the bathroom without checking with me, and unless I tell you otherwise, you are to remain naked in my presence. Do you understand, slaveboy?”

“Yes Ma'am.”

She then had me kiss her feet and then set me to the task of housecleaning, starting with vacuuming and laundry. I kept to her rules all Friday. Saturday was spent cooking and continuing to clean house for my Mistress, mostly naked, except for when I was cooking, when I was told to wear one of Mistress Laura's frilly pink aprons and my high heeled shoes. This combination made for a very visible tent pole in the front. ;-)

When Sunday morning rolled around, Mistress Laura told me that an old female friend of hers was going to be visiting us in the early afternoon and that I should be on my best behavior.

“Yes Mistress,” I told her, serving her breakfast and then sitting at her feet, naked.

About an hour later, having finished the last of the laundry and folded it and put it away, I got dressed and took the the dog for a walk, thinking that Mistress could not possibly be serious about having me completely naked in her presence with her old friend visiting and that my “strict” service was pretty much over for the weekend.

I did the normal 40 or so minute walk and returned home to see an unfamiliar car in the driveway. I took the dog back inside and saw that Mistress Laura was sitting with her friend in the living room.

“Come here, Tom, I want you to meet Susan,” she called to me when she saw that I had returned.

I came over to the couch and shook hands with Susan, a slim woman with curly blond hair who held my gaze with the most inquisitive expression, as if she was about to ask me something. The moment passed without her asking the question, however.

“Glad to meet you.” I said, feeling comfortable.

I noticed that Mistress Laura was looking on with amusement at some private joke and I was suddenly feeling very unsettled.

“Sue and I are college friends. We used to tell each other everything that was going on in our lives,”

She paused, then continued, her tone suddenly changing as she leaned forward and I felt the heat of her intense attention. “Thomas, my boy, I appreciate your taking the dog for a walk, but I did not give you permission to leave the house, did I?”

My cheeks were suddenly hot and I could not look at my Mistress, I shifted my gaze downward and felt really small, embarrassed beyond words, and did not say anything. There was a very awkward moment of silence.

“slaveboy, answer me.”

“No Ma'am. You did not give me permission.”

“And there's another thing. I remember telling you quite clearly that you were to be naked in my presence unless I tell you otherwise. Did I tell you that you could wear clothes just because my friend was visiting? If it was going to be an issue, I would have told you exactly how I wanted you dressed before she got here. Do you think that you can decide these things for yourself?”

I just stood there, dumbly looking down at the ground. The hot feeling in my cheeks extended all the way down my neck and even onto the top of my shoulders. I felt myself sweating as if in fear.

“Take off your clothes now, then kiss my feet, and sit down there.”

Slowly, I undressed, putting my shoes and socks in the corner of the room, then my jeans and t-shirt were neatly folded and joined the pile, and finally my briefs. I knelt at my Mistress's feet, my shaved cock shamelessly at full attention even as my face practically burned with my embarrassment.

“See, just like I told you,” I heard Mistress Laura say as I put my lips on her feet.

“Wow. I thought you were joking. It's real?!?” Susan said. Looking up from the ground for a second, I saw that she was smiling down at me and that made me feel a little bit better. She seemed to be okay with this, but I should have known that, or else Mistress would not have had me do this in front of her.

I sat back down on the ground at Mistress's feet, silent, as she continued conversing with Susan. I don't know how long it was, but about ten, maybe fifteen minutes passed and it seemed to feel normal, my sitting naked at my Mistress's feet even as she talked with her friend. I was her pet, her slave, just another accessory in her life.

A while later, Mistress had me serve tea for her and Susan while wearing my high heels and new “pretty clothes.” (the extra lacey and see through black women's lingerie top she had recently bought for me). That outfit seemed to make Susan smile wide, which made me feel very very small.

After serving tea, Mistress told me to get completely naked again and clean the bathrooms, “and make sure to scrub the inside and the outside of all the toilet bowls.”

“Yes Mistress,” I said, taking off my pretty things and getting the yellow latex gloves and my bucket of cleaning solutions and going off to scrub toilets.

Later, after Susan left, Mistress Laura inspected my work and said that I did a good job but that she needed to teach me a lesson about obeying her orders completely.

She caned me that night (which at this point is more than a week ago) and I still have a couple of stripes across my ass from that caning. After the caning, she let me eat her pussy till she orgasmed, but denied me any release.

Since then, I have been much more attentive and have felt more solidly “owned” by my Mistress.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Once again, I return, on Mistress's command

Hi everyone. It's been a few months since I have written.

In the intervening months, a lot has happened, and nothing has happened.

Mistress Laura and I just got busier and busier, with the pace of life just not seeming to slow down at all.

Most of the parts of our daily routines and rituals remained intact, but for me (and I think for my Mistress too), there was not much enthusiasm. Things had gotten a bit robotic till a couple of weeks ago.

That's when Mistress sat me down and told me that we need to spend more time focusing on our relationship and finding time for me to serve her more again. She asked me about what makes me feel “more connected.” I told her that I felt connected to her and felt most like serving her when I take the time to read and write in in this blog and read about the experiences of other submissive men.

So... as a result of that conversation, now I am here on my Mistress's command. No matter how busy things get, I am to spend a bit of time here, writing and reading, sharing my experiences.

Things have been very busy (work life, mostly) but even so, just writing here calms me down and excites me for some reason. Mistress knows best. :-) :-)