Monday, April 20, 2009

Followup on going a little bit crazy...

It's been a few weeks since my last post. I did not mean to be away from writing this long, but Mistress has been working me very hard (domestically and sexually) and my schedule has been rather full.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Mistress Laura has had a full complement of housework and spring cleaning for me to accomplish, in addition to my normal house chores (cooking and cleaning) on top of my job and my workout schedule.

Most nights, even though I am tired, Mistress has had me kneel by the bed and kiss and massage her feet. About half the time, she allows this to progress to my kissing and licking her legs, tickling the backs of her knees, maybe even using me to lick and clean her asshole (an activity which I love), and then lick her pussy. She has an orgasm or two and rarely allows me to come.

About a week ago, after she had had a couple of orgasms, I mentioned that it would be be great if she would let me come too.

“Oh really? Be careful what you ask for, slaveboy. I feel like being entertained.”

She handed me a condom and told me to put it on. I was hopeful that this might mean she was considering letting me fuck her. No such luck.

She then reached into her nightstand drawer, pulled out a handful of clothespins and had me kneel by the side of the bed while she attached them to my balls. Three on each sac. The pain was sharp and slowly building.

“Now, my boy, kiss my feet and while you are kissing my feet, you may masturbate. If you don't come in two minutes, you won't be allowed to come at all this time. And you still have to ask permission. I may not give it, but I probably will.”

So, I went down to the ground, my face planted on her feet, my lips kissing her feet and toes, my ass in the air, trying to pump the shaft of my cock with my hand without jostling the clothespins on my balls too much. All the while, Mistress Laura was laughing and making comments like “Nice ass. Those are my balls and I can hurt them if I want, isn't that so, Thomas?”

I don't know if you can imagine my headspace; I am naked, trying to kiss my wife's feet and masturbate, while she laughs and jokes and tells me that I only have a minute left.

I got myself close and started asking “Mistress, may I come please?”

She just remained cruelly silent.

“Oh please, may I come? May I please come? Oh please? Please please please? Oh my Lady, may I please come?”

“Yes my boy. Come for me NOW, but don't be taking any of the clothespins off.”

So I managed to come inside the condom, grunting and saying “Thank you Mistress. Thank you...” over and over.

She then had me clean up and get on the bed and lie down on my back. We then watched some TV while the clothespins were still attached to my balls. If you've never had this experience, what happens after a while is that there is a sort of numbness as the body gets used to the constant pain and you can almost forget that there are clothespins attached to you.

After about twenty minutes, she said “Ready?” she positioned her hand to yank off a few of the clothespins, then leaned down and kissed me on the mouth while she removed the three clothespins attached to my left ball-sac with a swift yanking motion. I screamed in pain in her mouth and tears came to my eyes.

“Good boy. Now one more set, unless you want a break?”

“Oh no Mistress. Please. It's hurting and throbbing now a lot. Please take the rest off, Ma'am.”

She kissed me again and yanked the second set off. This time, I managed not to scream, but tears streamed down my cheeks from the pain. She wiped the tears away, and said “Good boy. Now go rinse off in the shower and come to bed.”

I haven't come since then, and she has come several more times.

The way she let me orgasm that night did nothing to calm down my sexual hunger. I am still constantly horny, and I get an erection whenever she makes me kneel or orders me to do anything.

So, that's the followup. I will write more later.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Going a little bit crazy

It has now been a couple of weeks since Mistress has allowed me to come.

I'm not exactly complaining, but even the least little bit of attention from her causes me to walk around for half an hour with a full on erection.

And yet, almost every other night, she has ordered me to lick her till I feel her pussy muscles clench and her back tighten and the smell and taste of her juices on my face, using me for a mind blowing orgasm.

She tells me that she has a lot of spring cleaning planned and that I will be doing a lot of housework this weekend. Maybe this is just her way of making sure that all my attention and willingness is on doing exactly what she orders me to do this weekend?

I confess, though, that every time she gets herself off and leaves me wanting, even in the midst of my sexual frustration, all I want to do is sink to the floor and kiss her feet, telling her how much I love her and worship her.