Saturday, February 05, 2011

Sorry for the late updates

Wow. Another few month gap. Sorry everyone, for my inconsistent updates, but it has been very very busy around Mistress Laura's home. She has had me doing some much needed house projects that took up nearly all of my time, especially during and in the month following the year-end vacation between Christmas and New Year's.

The Halloween party didn't happen. Mistress Laura came down with a migraine that evening and we just stayed home. We were both a bit disappointed, but it was okay.

Since then, we also had Thanksgiving (with her family) and Christmas (with friends and relatives who came and stayed with us). Christmas was interesting, since one of her friends noticed how I was doing all the serving and cooking and how she was mostly doing the relaxing and chatting and commented that “Thomas seems to be the stereotypical house-wife around here.”

I'm still perpetually horny. Mistress's pattern has been to have me give her nightly footrubs, a few massages a week, and a few orgasms per week. She lets me come about twice a month, usually humping the floor while kissing her feet, or in some other equally humiliating way.

My next post will be a fantasy of mine that Mistress has been having fun encouraging and having me recount to her in great detail. I am very embarrassed to share it, but I will.