Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Whew... I'm back.

It's been a very hectic two months since my last post. Starting today, I'll be starting to write more regularly again. Probably a few short entries a week, then back to my usual daily notes and reflections.

In the last two months, we went through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's.

For me, it was all a blur, since I've been holding down my regular job, doing contracts on the side, increasing my exercise regime, enrolled in college courses, while continuing to serve my Mistress by doing the housework and attending to all her needs.

One of my major accomplishments during this time period where I disappeared from writing on my blog here has been that I went from being slightly overweight (at 175 pounds) to being athletically trim (at 145 pounds) by implementing the strategies that Saratoga pointed me to and sticking to that routine religiously. I have so much more energy now and I need to have that energy, to continue to do all the things I do!

I am now working on having six-pack abs, and it is very much within reach. Mistress really appreciates my newly hard body and I love her attention, of course. :-)

Anyways, I'll write more later.

Best regards,