Saturday, March 28, 2009

Unexpected FemDom

This last weekend, on Saturday morning, my Mistress wife had a professional conference that she needed to be at. What this usually means for me is that I get up early to make a small breakfast and then I come back into the bedroom and wake Mistress Laura to serve her.

So, I got up about an hour before Mistress needed to be awake and cooked her an omelet and made some toast, poured some coffee and a small glass of OJ and set it all on the small side table. Then I knelt by the side of the bed and massaged her feet slowly and firmly till she woke up and sat on the edge of the bed and gestured for me to just sit on the carpet.

I sat at her feet while we discussed the logistics of the day and she ate.

After she had eaten, she had me clean up while she showered and got dressed. She told me to dress business casual and that I would be her driver and sweet solicitous husband at the event. We've done this many times in the past where she brings me as her guest and I do things like fetch her tea or water. I sometimes think she just likes showing off her control in public.

When we got there, we sat at round tables to listen to the program (which was about different music teaching techniques).

At various points, Mistress gestured for me to go and fetch her some water or tea. Once, when I came back with her tea with a “Here you go, Ma'am,” I sensed that the attention of one of the women at the table was distinctly on us. This impression was quickly verified when she started talking to us at the next break.

After some pleasantries, this woman, who I will refer to as LF, said point blank to Mistress Laura:

“Some friends of mine and I sometimes have our boys serve us tea. Naked.”

Since Mistress wasn't really expecting that sort of conversation at this seminar, she was at first taken aback. “You're joking, right?”

LF gave a very wide smile “No joke. They do get to wear a bowtie.”

After a pause, Mistress asked “Are they at `full attention?'”

“Some are, yes. If you are interested in bringing him, I can arrange it.”

It turns out that there is a network of dominant women in Northern California who have occasional tea parties served by submissive men who are naked. That is one of my fantasies come true!

After a few hours, we left the event and headed for home. On the drive, Mistress Laura told me that the idea of these tea parties intrigued her and that she might like to attend one. When we got home, she then took me into the bedroom, told me to strip, slid out of her skirt and had me lick her pussy till she came hard, all the while telling me that it might be fun for her to network with other Dominas in the area. Then she came again, this time by her own hand, while I sucked on her breasts.

I got no release. Which, weirdly enough, was very comforting to me. She just said “Good boy. Now go and finish the laundry.”

At this point, it seems totally normal that Mistress should be served all day by me, have a conversation with a new acquaintance about naked male servers at a tea party, then use me to have an orgasm or two and then send me off to do more housework.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Becoming fit for my Mistress

It's been about a year since my last post.

I weighed 165 pounds then. Now I weigh 140. Because of Mistress Laura.

My body fat percentage was around 25. Today, it's about 9. All due to Mistress Laura.

Here's a recent photo of my body (that she owns).

About a year ago, she ordered me to stop wasting so much time online and start doing one of those extreme home fitness systems (P90X, for those who are curious, but I don't think the specifics of the regimen matters). Some co-worker had raved about it and she had seen the late night infomercials.

So, I got the DVDs, the weights, the pullup bar. I installed the pullup bar and could barely do 3 good pullups.

At first, I hated the execrises. They were extremely difficult. Anyway, I would rather write in my blog or read web sites.

The diet component to the plan was also a bit annoying at first, but not so much that I couldn't stick to it consistently. Still, I had serious doubts about being able to stick to the exercise plan.

Mistress quickly fixed my attitude, however.

For the first few weeks, she would sometimes walk in on me when working out and just watch for a few minutes. Then she would say something like "You are looking better. After you are done, go rinse yourself and go and kneel in the bedroom." When I would finish and rinse off, and kneel as she had ordered, she would walk in and order me to kiss her feet (which would quickly cause my cock to get very hard) and then she would allow me to masturbate, all the while telling me that I was a good boy for sticking with the exercises and working hard. As you can imagine, this had me in a fog, wanting to do for her anything she wanted me to do!

Occasionally, when she would see me slacking off, she would tell me bluntly that if I wanted to have my release and not just a hard spanking, I should step up the effort. That usually caused a quick "Yes Ma'am" and a jolt of adrenaline. :-)

Today, I can do 25 full extension pullups and in one session can do over 400 pushups. My stamina is much much higher than it has ever been and overall I feel about ten years younger.

Everything else has been pretty stable. My work situation has changed; As of a couple of months ago, I'm working for a new company a little closer to home.

Mistress works sometimes out of the home and sometimes in her home office. The distribution of labor is still the same. She controls all the money and has final say on all decisions. Every day when I get home, I get naked and start cooking and cleaning as my Mistress commands.

At least every other night, she lets me lick her till she has an orgasm or two. Very occasionally she lets me fuck her, but most of the time recently I get my release through masturbation while she watches or while she is watching TV and telling me to kiss and lick her feet.

Life is good. I'll be posting a bit more regularly from this point on.