Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Making slaveboys squat to poop may be good for their health. :-)

There have been a few times when Mistress has had me go potty outside, in the backyard, squatting naked in the grass.

The interesting thing is that I always felt perfectly comfortable and at peace, doing my business like that.

So, I was using Firefox's StumbleUpon plugin, and I ran into this: Squat, Don't Sit!

Amusing. What do you all think?

Best regards,

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sublime torture

For the last few weeks, my Mistress has ramped up her everyday control of me by doing the following routine. When she is on her way home from work, she calls me on the cell phone.

“My boy, I want dinner ready on the table, with you naked, kneeling in the kitchen when I get home.”

Even though this is a frequent occurrence, I am always excited by kneeling naked for her. She gets home, strokes my head, sometimes leans down and kisses me, and sits down to eat. She always teases me about how eager my neglected cock is. How it looks so smooth and hairless, like a little boy's.

When she has had a few bites, she will let me join her and eat a little bit myself.

If she needs a drink, I get it for her. If she wants a foot rub, she tells me and I am supposed to stop immediately whatever it is I am doing and kneel down next to her to rub her feet.

When she is done with dinner, she will get up and tell me to follow her into her bedroom.

“Kneel there, slaveboy,” she points to the floor, next to her bed.

When I do, I am once again instantly at attention. She giggles at that; no matter how many times she has done this, my cock still springs to a full erection and I feel embarrassed by her laughing.

She will then sit on the edge of the bed, pull off her dress and slip off her panties, lay back and say to me something like: “Time for my little boy to kiss Mommy in her special place. Come on up, boy!”

I then get on the bed, put my face between her legs, and lick and kiss her pussy. The scent of her drives me mad. I know exactly how to kiss her. I know how to use my thumb and fingers to give her pleasure. Each time she has me do this, I get a little bit better and I am perfect at following her directions.

After about ten or fifteen minutes, she will come, often holding my hair and pushing my face into her pussy as she does so.

Then, she slowly gets up and has me lay on my back.

She will often grasp my hard hard cock, which is spewing precum, and smile, looking into my eyes.

“You did a good job, my boy. I suppose you would like a release too?”

“Yes, Mistress, but it's your choice.” at this point, I am panting and could probably orgasm if she just pumped my cock (her property) just a little bit with her hand.

“Yes, it is my choice. Not tonight. I don't want to give you an idea that this had anything to do with your pleasure.”

“Yes, Ma'am.” It's hard to describe, but at these moments, I am simultaneously unhappy for not being allowed any release and ecstatic about her control over me.

“Go clean up the kitchen and go about your housework.”

This routine has been going on now for about a month. I am practically going out of my mind with lust whenever she touches me. At the same time, I am much much quicker to jump whenever she orders me to do something.

Today (Sunday), she has set me the task of vaccuuming the whole house and doing all the laundry while she relaxes. I am so completely enthralled by her, so completely in heat and so completely hers to do with as she wishes.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It's been a full year, what does my typical day look like?

It's been a year since Mistress Laura and I formalized our relationship.

I am amazed by how fast time has flown by.

I continue to do all the housework (vaccuming, laundry, pet care, etc). My cooking skills have only improved with time and practice. I still occasionally find it hard to say “Yes, Mistress”, but the weekly attitude adjustment sessions and her complete control of my sexual pleasure keep me in check and are constant visceral and quite erotic reminders for me that she is the boss and I am her servant.

A typical day these days for us goes like this:

I wake up around 5:30 AM, slipping out of bed as noiselessly as possible so that Mistress can remain asleep.

Next, I exercise. Every weekday, I do weights followed by varying intensities on the treadmill or elliptical; on the weekends I skip the weights and go for a longer and less intense cardio session (sometimes a run, sometimes a long walk, other times I bike).

After this, I take a quick rinse, dry off, then remain naked till Mistress wants me dressed, except for her leather collar which I wear whenever I am serving her.

Now, I start making breakfast for Mistress Laura. Most of the time, it's something warm (eggs, hash browns, etc). She usually tells me what she wants the night before. When breakfast is ready, I go back to the bedroom and put the plates on the side table and kneel on the floor by the side of the bed. Slowly and gently, I massage Mistress's feet till she wakes up and I serve her breakfast.

While she is eating, we chat. I am usually naked, kneeling or sitting on the floor and she is dressed in her night gown, sitting on the bed. More often than not, my cock is rock hard and my head swims in a mixture of adoration and lust. When she is finished with breakfast, she moves into her office and I make the bed. Sometimes I vaccuum the bedroom (it only takes a few minutes). I clean up the dishes and clean up the breakfast mess in the kitchen.

When it is time for me to go to work (having finished all my morning household chores), I go into her office and kneel behind her. Sometimes she leaves me like that for a few minutes while she keeps typing an email. When she does that, my cock gets even more turgid, since she is objectifying me and making sure I know that what she is doing is more important than paying attention to me. Finally, she turns around and asks me what I want. “May I go to work, Mistress?” Of course she says “Yes” but more often that not, she will tell me to kiss her feet first.

I kiss her feet and I retreat back to Her bedroom and start to get dressed and go to work.

My work day is fairly ordinary. Mistress herself works at a local college. She likes to occasionally keep track of what I am doing by IM. Most days, we talk for a minute or two on the phone during the day to check in. When I am at work, I run my meetings, manage our software projects, and occasionally I get to do some programming. When my work day is done, I happily leave for home.

When I get home, more often than not Mistress is still working. I strip and put on Mistress's collar, then I go around the house and do a little bit of cleaning, a bit of laundry, and start cooking dinner. When I cook dinner, I am required to wear the apron that Mistress picked out for me. It's red with just a bit of a frilly border. While dinner is cooking, I usually clean out the litter boxes and feed Mistress's dog.

Mistress arrives home to find me kneeling next to the kitchen table. The the dinner that she wanted is ready, the plates are set, and her soda is also set up exactly where she wants it. We greet each other and she lets me sit while we eat and talk.

After dinner, I clean up. Sometimes she sits at the kitchen table and watches and teases me while I clean dishes (I love that!); at other times, she goes back into her office and I go and kneel by her when I am done with cleanup.

Later in the evening, Mistress likes to watch TV. I sit at her feet while she sits in the comfortable easy-chair. I am in charge of the remote controls, but she is in charge of me. ;-)

When we are done with the TV, Mistress sends me ahead to turn down the bed and kneel by the side of the bed, waiting for her. It's usually a bit before midnight at this time. She sits at the edge of the bed and we do our usual ritual: I kiss her feet, then I massage them, putting hand-lotion on her feet. Sometimes she has me give her a backrub till she falls asleep. Sometimes (not often enough for my tastes!) she has me lick and kiss her and give her an orgasm.

This late night ritual only very rarely ends in sexual release for me, but I am ecstatically happy whenever I get to give her pleasure. My release has been linked much more to our weekly spanking and caning sessions and the occasional humiliation play that pushes Mistress's sadistic buttons.

At this point, if she feels like it, which is most of the time, Mistress tells me that I can sleep in the bed with her. Occasionally, she has me sleep on a doggy bed at the foot of the bed.

So, that's my usual routine. I hope you enjoyed this peek into this slaveboy's life.

Best regards,