Monday, September 25, 2006

More on cuckolding

Since writing the previous post (“Is she just playing with me?”) I have gotten some very nice comments. One correspondent, DH, wrote me a very nice concerned note privately, saying:
I am against cuckolding in most cases, even though I find the idea of being the so-called bull enormously arousing. I also endorse it in some corrective and advanced-practicioner situations.

Through the net I have “met” many who were happy with the wife having sex outside the marriage. I have “met" some for whom it is a train wreck in real life. Her having more partners for her pleasure need not be an exercise in denial or humiliation for you. They need not be linked at all.
First of all, before I go into this in more detail, I have to say right upfront that right now, I am not emotionally mature enough or enlightened enough to consider being a cuckold husband. Not that it's in my hands at all; if Mistress wanted, she could move me there in no time flat. With that preamble out of the way, I wanted to delve a bit into this particular expression of my Mistress Wife's sexual power over me.

DH's comments were very appreciated, and they caused me to reflect on the core of the erotic attraction to being denied sex even as my Wife could fuck whomever she wishes, however she wishes.

Part of my thrill is the denial, the humiliation, the power trip for my wife. I like the idea of inherent unfairness, unreasonableness, inequality; for example, my wife controls all the money and can do pretty much whatever she wants. I, on the other hand, always have to ask for permission for my non-routine purchases. She can have me pleasure her to multiple orgasms, then she can roll over and fall asleep. She can masturbate anytime she wants to. I, on the other hand, need her permission before I can even touch myself for any purpose other than cleaning.

The bottom line is: Her control makes me happy. Even if I am frustrated in that moment.

DH continued in his message:
I would point out that in many if not most of these happy couples the hubby remains the focus of the wife's actions and her other Lovers are no more than fucktoys or friends with benefits.
This is an interesting idea, but misses the emotional masochism inherent in the scenarios that attract me (like a moth to a flame). The fantasy, in its basest form, involves the dominant sadist wife inflicting physical and emotional pain on her submissive husband, while enjoying herself to the hilt with another man.

If the submissive husband retains the most vaunted role, the “true love” spot in the wife's heart, then he is secure... But the eroticism of the situation revolves around his insecurity.

As sick and twisted as that may seem, the danger, the insecurity, the abject shame and humiliation are at the core of the “enjoyment” of such an experience.

If I was being cuckolded, I know I would be miserable but I would also be turned on by such a flagrant display of power by my Mistress Wife.

My Wife has, from time to time, made me fall on my knees in pure adoration and lust simply by entertaining the idea that she may, some year in the future, choose to divorce me and keep my as simply her slave. That scenario pushes the same buttons: I would be insecure, no longer legally joined with her as an equal in the eyes of the law, and totally dependent on her. I would not be her submissive husband, just her slaveboy, stripped of all rights.

Now, this is where someone goes ahead and sends me a link to husband abuse information, right? :-)


At 9/25/06, 4:41 PM, Blogger saratoga said...

probably so- about sending you the link.

all interesting thoughts. I must say, having thought about this a lot as well, I don't totally imagine being insecure. I can live and enjoy the 'duality' of feeling both secure, on a longer-term basis, and insecure, in the moment.

I do understand your last scenario, and have considered that, as well. For me, it would seem that I had, perhaps, 'abused' myself, by giving Her that power. I wouldn't judge others for doing it, but I'm not sure I could go there. Not yet, anyway.

At 9/25/06, 7:02 PM, Blogger Mistress Laura's boy said...

Hi saratoga,

The feeling of insecurity is rooted in living in the shifting sands of knowing that I really have very little power to control the ship of my relationship and if Mistress Laura wanted to, she could take us in any number of directions.

At the same time, I feel good, loved, cherished, and owned and controlled. In that sense, I think I understand your notion of the duality of long-term security and moment-to-moment ambiguity/uncertainty.

At 9/25/06, 7:27 PM, Blogger slave2Catwoman said...

I believe that I am Ms. Catwoman's focus,and thatshe does love me. Still, I feel very jealous and insecure when she dates her other boy(s). I figure it is best to experience it to the hilt. Likely, some of the thrill for her is the fact that I am jealous and powerless. And I want her to enjoy her experiences to the fullest. I would much rather she rub my face in it, telling me every detail of her infidelity, than gloss over stuff in an effort to spare my feelings.

At 9/25/06, 8:33 PM, Blogger Mistress Laura's boy said...

Hi slave2catwoman,

Thanks for the comment. If I were in your situation, I believe I would want to know as well. If she glossed over things, I would be paranoid and my imagination would probably be worse than the reality.

At 9/25/06, 8:35 PM, Blogger helpmate hubby said...

I know what you mean about it being a total turn on but a sorce of great worry. Maybe we will go on this journey together and see how it comes out.

At 9/26/06, 6:47 AM, Blogger Jamie said...

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At 9/28/06, 8:49 AM, Blogger Jamie said...

It's funny how truths and realities can intertwine. While I really enjoyed your assessment of this dynamic and how it might work in your life, it certainly is very far from the reality that I'm living, or likly to any time soon.

And then you go and say something like The bottom line is: Her control makes me happy. Even if I am frustrated in that moment.

That and the preceding paragraph sum up that's going on for me totally perfectly. Thanks for putting it so clearly.

And in that context, the idea of cuckholding becomes much more understandable to me. I guess we all have comfort zones, and then areas where we get (constructively) pushed out of our comfort zone. But emotional fulfillment versus emotional pain would seem a counterintuitive place for me to take this. I'm in my relationship for emotional fulfillment, as is my beloved. And while I have enjoyed physical pain (an oxymoron there?) in the past, I can't figure out how I'd "enjoy" emotional pain (no endorphins involved!)

There's probably a difference between seeking, acknowledging, and being consensual about emotional pain, and unconsciously manipulating oneself into situatons where that kind of pain happens. The first is the product of an examined life. The second really does bring the word "victim" to mind.

Thanks for an insightful post about hard stuff.

(deleted and reposted since Blogger mangled the first one)

At 5/16/07, 4:21 PM, Blogger The DarkMaster said...

I've been aware of and interested in bdsm since my early twenties.
I've been an active Dom for couples and women for nearly 10 years now.
I was familiar with the fantasy of sharing one's wife when I first had
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I'm very experienced introducing this lifestyle to wives/couples and
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I firmly believe that a beautiful, sexy woman should never be limited
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I also believe that 'slut' is a beautiful word - it was coined in an
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today's age it's become accepted fact that women have sexual desires
as strong, if not stronger than men, but all too often, women allow
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I am a Dom but I don't use labels like 'bi' or 'straight' as they
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I have a lot of experience helping couples learn about this lifestyle
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I enjoys hubby too

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Constant ache for her.
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At 8/4/11, 5:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Take care.


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