Thursday, September 21, 2006

Is she just playing with me?

Those of you who have been paying attention know that I am not into the idea of being cuckolded. At the same time, my Mistress Wife and I have had some conversations about this and I can't really tell whether she is just messing with my mind or if she is serious.

The other evening, I took my required shower before bed and presented my nude body to my Mistress for inspection. I asked my nightly question: "May I sleep in your bed tonight, Mistress?" and she said yes. So I hopped into the bed with her. She was dressed in her usual nighty and underwear. She spooned me from behind for a while and then we switched, with me spooning her from behind, and that's how we fell asleep.

I half-awoke in the very early morning with a raging hardon pressed into her underwear. I was aware that I had been rubbing myself into her and there was some precum oozing from me.

"Did you come?" my Mistress Wife asked.

"No." I answered her and slowed down my rubbing.

It's been a while since I've had any release. The last couple of times that Mistress Laura has played with me, she has had me service her with my mouth and with toys to powerful body shaking orgasms while denying me any release. It's her right to expect that kind of service from me without any thought of reciprocation and I am actually very happy that she exercises that right; the fact that she comes when and how she wants and I only get to come with her permission is an important mark of my YMB relationship.

"You can put a condom on and continue to rub yourself against me like that if you want to come," she told me.

I thought about it for a fraction of a second and said, "Thank you Mistress, but I would rather pleasure you." I had been having a very interesting dream, and I was still half in the dream.

"Okay," Mistress Laura said and she rubbed her ass into my crotch. I rubbed myself into her some more while letting my consciousness slip back into dreamland. In a few minutes, I was asleep again.

Later in the day, I tell Mistress Laura about my very erotic dream in the morning. The dream went like this:

I am at home, and Mistress Laura comes home, wearing a black dress, lipstick, eye shadow, perfume. There is a guy trailing behind her. He is taller than me, and slightly more muscular, with curly brown hair, sporting a mustache and beard. She motions towards the guy and tells me: "Go get some vodka, kalhua, and milk. I want some drinks and I intend to play around with Joe."

I obey, going to a local liquor store. By the time I come back home, she is already fooling around with this guy, kissing, groping, limbs intertwined. I put the drinks on the counter and watch as she pointedly strips Joe naked and starts fondling him, making him hard.

Looking at me, while fondling Joe's hard member, she says: "Strip, slaveboy, and come here and kiss my neck from behind."

I hurriedly undress and start rubbing myself on my Mistress Wife from behind. She is still mostly dressed. I am kissing her shoulder, licking the nape of her neck, and Joe is rubbing himself on her front, his hands roaming all over her body. At one point, he and she are french kissing and his hand is under her dress, massaging her beautiful breasts.

Next, she takes both of us into her bedroom and ends up on top of Joe, bouncing up and down on his cock, while I am licking and kissing her breasts and sucking on her nipples. She comes hard, while twisting Joe's nipple with one hand and grabbing my hair and pushing my face into her chest with the other hand.

"That was nice, boys." Mistress Laura says, while rolling off the bed and putting a robe on. She has me bring drinks for the three of us. That was the end of the dream.

Mistress Laura was thrilled and amused at the dream. She probed, "So, are you saying that you wouldn't mind if I brought another boy to the house?"

I answered truthfully: "Well, it was a dream, Mistress. But..." I looked down, blushing. "If you wanted to do something like that and prepped me for it, I would do anything to please you."

She smiled at me and caressed my cheek. I sank down to my knees and she tousled my hair, putting my head in her lap and running her fingers along my neck and shoulders.

"Good boy." She chuckled. "I find it interesting that neither you nor this Joe character got to orgasm, and that I was clothed for much of the dream."

Then, she thought for a second, and said: "That was a good dream, except for one thing."

"What's that, Mistress?"

"You were far too involved in the dream," She said, while caressing my hair.

She continued: "Here's what I would have done. I would have had you strip and kneel naked outside the door of my bedroom, maybe with some clothespins on your nipples. I would tell you to be quiet, and if you do want to make noises, you have to whine like a puppy. Then I would have taken Joe inside and closed the door."

"Mistress, I know I would be kneeling there, listening to you and whining to be let in," I said, my heart in my throat while my cock was rock hard from imagining what she was saying.

"Yes, you would probably be an ill behaved puppy. I would open the door then, clip a leash to your collar, and bring you inside."

I was breathing shallowly, swimming in her words, not knowing whether any of this could happen in real life, but not caring... Her tone of voice was telling me that she was turned on by the idea of humiliating me in this way, and I was turned on by that.

"I would take the penis gag out and force it into your mouth, clipping it in place..." She continued. This time, she had grabbed my hair possessively. I was emotionally miserable and painfully hard.

"Then I would force your face to the floor near the foot of the bed, where I would attach the leash to one of the legs of the bed, with maybe about a foot worth of slack. You would be forced to kneel, with your face on the floor, gagged, at the foot of the bed... Listening to me having fun with some other guy."

She caressed my head and neck for a few seconds more, letting the silence settle. I was feeling the charged sexual electricity of the moment, and the delicious sting of emotional pain... "Oh no, Mistress... I would do anything to please you," I remember thinking in that moment, afraid.

"Kiss my feel, slaveboy," She finally commanded. Then she asked me about my chores for the day and we shifted to other topics.

I have since replayed the above conversation in my mind many times. When I ask her whether or not she is serious, she just smiles and says, "If I was serious, there's nothing you can do about it, is there?"



At 9/22/06, 5:02 AM, Blogger Man Puppy said...

That is so incredibly erotic. What is it about fantasies like this that have such a powerful effect? It would seem that you are in the wonderful position where your Mistress has your measure.


At 9/22/06, 6:25 AM, Blogger saratoga said...

This is a very nice post, Thomas. I like how it displays such raw intimacy between you and Mistress Laura.

How comfortable you both are with your FemDom relationship, to be able to toy with, if not actually begin to slip into, such rare and special activities.

Whether or not she is serious, I can understand and identify with the emotions and delicious uncertainty you depict.

I'm very happy for you and your Mistress- to be in such a special place, loving each other, and fulfilling each other's desires.


At 9/22/06, 6:27 AM, Blogger Jamie said...

Giving up control is a magical thing. I remember one or two times (not, alas in the context of a relationship) where I gave up control and had that feeling of "Oh shit, where is this going? There's nothing I can do about it." Incredibly scary in real life but at the same time uniquely exciting.

Sounds like she could take you there. And even if, through whatever pass, it turns out that this doesn't happen or work for you both, the fact that you can share the conversation and the scenario is incredibly cool.

Thanks for sharing it with us.


At 9/22/06, 6:28 AM, Blogger Mistress Laura's boy said...

I believe that what's so erotic about these types of fantasies is the flauntng of the woman's power and control, along with her unashamed taking of pleasure, juxtaposed with the man's state of humiliation, misery, powerlessness.

A non-cuckold variation that pushes the same buttons might be something like:

You are naked, except for the leash attached to your dog collar, kneeling next to the kitchen table.

This is the third day of the "dog-food diet" that your Mistress has put you on.
She has cooked a nice steak meal and the odors are causing you to salivate uncontrollably.

She puts a bit of steak and baked potatoes on a plate and asks you "Is the doggie hungry?" You nod your head.

With a laugh, she pours dry kibble into your dog-dish and sets it down in front of you, then puts the plate of food on the kitchen table and starts eating it, making "Mmmm-Mmmmm" noises of enjoyment...

At 9/23/06, 9:04 PM, Blogger slave2Catwoman said...

Being cuckolded is really hard. But if it is something that Mistress truly wants, it can be achieved. I know that if I had put up enough of a fuss, Ms. Catwoman would never have acted on her desires. But I know how much it means to her. I not only reassured her, I actually encouraged and guided her through many of the initial roadblocks she faced. I have no one but myself to blame for my situation. But she is happy, and that is all that matters.

At 9/24/06, 12:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it is fantastic that you can even discuss the topic, even in the context of a dream.

BTW, enjoy the blog. Perhaps I'll send the same sort of note you did to get the ball rolling.

At 9/24/06, 4:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Same guy as the last anon. Would you have dicussed this dream before taking to this lifestyle?

At 9/24/06, 5:24 PM, Blogger Mistress Laura's boy said...

Regarding anonymous's question of whether I would have even discussed the dream, before taking to this lifestyle?

Hmmm... Probably, yes. Mistress Laura and I generally tell each other our dreams, especially if they are unusual. However, I would probably not have discussed it with her in great detail if she was not my Mistress.


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