Friday, January 08, 2010

First embarrassing orgasm of the new year

Mistress Laura likes to use fantasies and stories and hypothetical situations when talking with me. I think it lets her explore mental and emotional territory without any risk, while giving her more insights and control over me. I also know that she gets off on seeing me squirm. :-)

A couple of days ago, I had come home from work, and as is the rule in her house, stripped and knelt before her. She had me kiss her feet and then kneel back up again to get my instructions for the evening. She told me to go vacuum and then come back and kneel again in her office.

I did as I was told, and when I returned to kneel, she was already waiting for me.

“Good boy.” her smile put me at ease.

“Thomas, it's been a while since you've been allowed to come, right?”

“Yes Mistress,” and suddenly my cock is standing at full attention.

“Lay down on the floor right there. That's right. Bring your balls over here. Open your legs.”

I positioned myself as she said, on my back, legs open, her toes brushing my shaved smooth balls and cock. She playfully swung her foot back and forth, tapping my balls hard and causing me to wince a little.

“You know, training a man is a little bit like training a dog. Like when you tell a dog to stay, or heel, or roll over. The words don't really mean anything to the dog till the owner teaches him what it means.” She put the bottom of her foot against my very hard shaft and pressed a little bit.

“I want you to touch yourself. Stroke yourself, but you don't have permission to come.”

I did as she said, stroking myself, trying to keep from stimulating myself too much, since the situation could easily make me go over the edge. Precum was already oozing out of the tip and landing on my belly as I slid my hand up and down.

“You like that. I can see you getting even harder.”

“Yes Ma'am.”

“Okay, good. Now stop.”

I stopped, while moaning. Precum was still oozing out, making my penis and balls slippery and increasing the pleasure of my hand sliding up and down, but I still had to stop.

“Good boy. Now start again. Red rocket. Red rocket.”

I know now that Mistress was referring to this South Park scene, where the boys learn how to "milk a dog."

“Remember, you don't have permission to come now, do you?”

My hand slid effortlessly up and down, lubricated by my own precum. I felt a wave of pleasure, my breathing getting shallower, trying to keep myself under control.

“Now stop again. Come over here and kiss my feet.”

I stopped, happy to focus on something else, scampering around and putting my lips on her feet.

A moment later, “Okay baby. Red rocket.”

I was a little confused for a second. She repeated. “Go on doggie. Red rocket. Red rocket.”

I understood then. I put myself back on the floor on my back, legs spread at her feet, and started stroking myself. The pleasure was almost too much this time.

“Now stop. You don't want to come without permission, do you? That would merit a painful caning.”

The image of being caned for coming without permission almost made me cum, but I also know how painful such a caning can be and stopped myself.

“Good boy.” She smiled and pushed her heel gently into my privates and then continued talking.

“You know, sometime when you come home from work, Susan might be visiting, or some other friends of mine might be here, but if I say "Red Rocket," you know what that means now, right?”

I felt the heat of embarrassment rising in my cheeks. “Mistress, I'm not sure I understand.”

“Yes you do. When you hear me say "Red Rocket," it means get naked, get on your back, and start stroking yourself for me.” She tapped my balls hard and then commanded: “Now. Red Rocket. Red Rocket. Good doggie!”

I was crazed at this point, moaning and touching myself, as she kept talking.

“And no matter what, when I say "Red Rocket," you are going to do it like this, aren't you?”

“Yes Mistress,” My breathing was ragged and I had to slow way down, my slick hand sliding up and down, and the pleasure mixed with the embarrassment and I had a flash of a memory of the last time she caned me. The memory almost sent me over the edge. She sensed my loss of self control.

“You wouldn't want to...” She paused here “come without permission, now, would you? I would really have to hurt you a lot.”

I kept slowing my strokes, but I was getting way too excited.

“I think the other ladies, if they were here watching you, would really find this funny. How you are so horny, waiting for permission, almost going over the edge,” and a sharp tap of pain to my testicles and her tone suddenly became very serious. “Don't you dare cum without my permission!

It was a heady mix of embarrassment and pleasure and trying to keep it all back, but I started to feel the tip of my cock swell and a deep spasm in my gut and the pleasure washed over me, radiating from my insides. “Oh god, oh god. I'm sorry, Mistress, can I please please have your permission?”

“No! You may not! You're making a mess too.” She swung her leg and tapped my balls hard, causing me to yelp. The pain interrupted the orgasm I was having, but the ejaculation continued and white milky cum oozed all over my stomach and onto her hardwood floor.

“It looks like you're going to have to clean that up. After you do, meet me in the bedroom with the cane.” and she got up and left for the bedroom.

I took a minute to clean up the mess and followed her to the bedroom, where she proceeded to cane my ass for what seemed like a long time (was probably only about 20 minutes) and then to use my mouth for an orgasm.

Since then, Mistress Laura keeps teasing me about having company over and how she's going to enjoy giving me "the code word" and watch me perform. Maybe she will do it at some point, and maybe she won't. I'll probably never know.


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